Salamlek Café

Salamlek Is a unique first of its kind cafe concept in the region opened its first outlet in the famous DUBAI MALL, specialized in serving the freshly baked knafeh in a contemporary style with various modern toppings maintaining the traditional taste of KNAFEH beside other selective pastry, delicious traditional and contemporary coffee beverages, tea beverages including KARAK and fresh juices.

Historically, palaces in the region had two main wings: the haramlek and the salamlek. The main wing salamlek is the public area reserved to receive VIP guests, contains the formal wonderful halls, reception areas and exclusive courtyards for entertainment. The family wing or haramlek, is a private space that is connected to the kitchen and family quarters.

It includes the baths, which are a replica of the public baths in the city but on a smaller scale. Knafeh; also spelled kunafeh or kunafah, is a traditional regional delicious cheese pastry dessert made in Palestine (Nablus), Syria (Hums), Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and very popular in the eastern Mediterranian cuisines. Salamlek brings the delicious Knafeh to Dubai, the UAE and the Gulf. SALAMLEKCAF.

Location: FK2, First Floor (Kiosk)

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