The key words that describe Nayel & Bin Harmal Investment Co. LLC are service quality, integrity and reliability. We have a real passion for this business. Our ability to deliver the right results for our clients is second to none.

Our business adheres to our corporate values of excellence, leadership and passion.

We give all our clients equal treatment, irrespective of the value of their deals, and duration of the agreements.

We strive to exceed our key stakeholders’ expectations including customers and partners. This stems from our firm belief in forging long-term relationships with them.

Stringent commitment to quality and consistency in services provided. We believe that if we fail to plan, we are planning to fail. So, before entering any business, planning team goes into action to study the new venture. We promise that our business units will always meet our customers’ requirements under one roof, and we strive to offer a set of world class integrated solutions through our business units. We select our team with great care to ensure that the people working with us reflect our corporate values and business culture. Our teams are very presentable and well trained and they share our pursuit of excellence.

Creative teams that have created a special blend of unique flavours.

Customer Servicing teams consisting of friendly, professional and punctual staff.

All teams are highly motivated and dedicated to delivering the best successful experience.

Technical support team comprising dedicated technicians and well experienced employees.


Bashar Tamimi

Managing Director of NBHI and Ayla Hotels & Resorts